First blog post

Connection kills addiction…


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Im hoping to express my truth as i know it. As I’ve seen it. Im a single mom of 6. Dealing with anxiety, depression, MS, neropalsy, neuropathy, ect. Im in constant pain. But I’m also an ex-junky. I must constantly be aware of the dance I’m doing with the demons of my past. Today and for many years now I’ve lead the dance. Im making this blog because i hear so many struggles & relapse issues. I think we should stop asking the addict to stop using, but instead sit with them. Ask them why the pain? Who or what hurt u, body, mind or spirit so bad you needed to disconnect?!?!

Sorry , I’m definitely a bit chaotic, and often messy. Im human. And im real. I dont expect everyone to get me or understand ? But those that do will connect with me. When you’ve tried everything, i want to try. Talk with me. Connect with me. What you have to loose is ur life or loved one so i understand the stakes. Ive been connected(sober) almost 7 years. The first 2 years i was searching for my way still , I’ve been studying , learning, listening all over . Im still looking to grow many ways within my person . That said, I’ve been blessed to help a few people thus far. I was asked to go electronic. As u can see its really not for me.. but I’m willing to try if it will save just one life.

On that note, please hug ur loved one, and stay safe!